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Yarn Art - Bathroom Essential

Yarn Art (nieli’ka)
Every work of yarn art begins with an idea, a picture, or an experience. This form of art has a profound effect on me. This indigenous art form is known as nieli'ka.
This one-of-a-kind yarn artwork will provide warmth and sophistication to any space in your home. This is a true conversation starter. The measurements for this piece are 24" x 18". Take a look at comparable pieces they are priced $300+.
The prices are affordable as this is something I love to create. This isn't your typical big-box purchase. Bring a sense of individuality and sense of style to your life. Check out the photo with the matching bowl, handmade soap, loofah, and candle to get an idea of how you can style this in a powder room.
With every purchase, you will receive a gift from me. You'll get one of my handmade soap creations.
Commission art is available
Custom bowls available
Custom soaps available
Thank you for stopping by to share my creativity.

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