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Bath Bomb Bonanza

For the Bathing Enthusiasts there is nothing like relaxing after a long day; whether you have worked hard at home or at play you are deserving of some “YOU” time. For me this is the best way of reflecting on life and putting things into perspective.

Just what are bath bombs you may ask?

First of all bath bombs are very cool.  I am addicted to all the things about them - the aromas, colors and the effervescence.

Bath bombs are a mixture of dry and wet ingredients; baking soda and citric acid form the base of the formulation with a few other additives. Other goodness are added like essential/fragrant oils, butters, clay and herbs to name a few. The mixture is then carefully mixed and hand-packed to form the desired shape.  Once wet this results is a bubbling experience of fizz and foaming action.

All our bath bombs are made to order and contain the finest ingredients that are sure to moisturize and soften your skin.  Our bath bombs are available in an array of scents and colors. 

Try our bath bombs today, they are sure to enrich your bathing experience.

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