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A Mother and Daughter’s Love – A life lesson of standing up in your own self

Ada Elizabeth Ryan was her name she was a beautiful, strong, harmonious, caring and nurturing human being. She is no longer with us but her soul and inspiration guide me every day.  She taught me to work hard, to be generous and kind, but most of all to stand up for myself and the things I want.  The every thought of her still warms my utter soul. It’s like the feeling of fusing warm melted butter with brown sugar; the feeling you get after the first few stirs of the sugar as it begins to mingle and flow effortlessly through the mountainous peaks of the butter; but somehow it becomes indigestible when I think of her not being here to share in this journey.

I am often asked “Why was Corks and Bubbles created and what was my inspiration”?  I thought what better way to celebrate my website re-launch and blog launch than to share a few of these precious thoughts with you.

It started with fulfilling a promise that I made to my mother Ada Elizabeth and that promise brought me on my journey to finding my passion for soaping. Imagine the thought of lying in a bed for 12 years of your life unable to walk on your own and then you lose your sight and ultimately your existence.  One thing about her, she never complained and even from her bed her highness reined over the family and treasured the kind gestures of hugs, kisses, lotions, licorice and gummies which earned her the nickname of “Snackpac”. Most of all she appreciated the visits and could chronicle in her mind who visited and on what date.  Rather than breaking the ground she looked on and smiled on appreciating the earthly love as she awaited her heavenly wave…..Now that is amore.

Soaping has brought me on a journey that allowed me to discover not only my passion but the person that I am and want to be.  I am simple, but appreciate many stylistic overtones in life and fashion. I want to entangle those same essences in the things I use on my body. I want to create products that have their own authenticity; their own spectrum. In photography I don’t want a stark white background. I want you to be able to imagine the scent, the touch, the feel on your body…

I appreciate my customers and the friendships that I have been able to develop with them through my creations. It’s about the “bubbling” connectivity because not only do they allow me to know them; but these relationships allow me to forever be learning who I am. 

You see I am on a journey and I would love for you to join me as I drive to my authentic self; through my creations.  Let’s be vulnerable together and at the same time “make every encounter meaningful”.

Who are you?  What is your truth? Are you on an unconventional path? I believe that when we are our authentic selves that it allows us to be honest people and through the journey we will no doubt have some challenges but we will also develop new opportunities, create new friendships; all while losing some old ones and that’s ok too! To be vulnerable is stepping out of the single file that we are so often driven to.  I think to be vulnerable is inspiring and I hope that through my creativity that we can connect and share our gifts with the world.

Let’s for a moment abandon the life game, get in touch with our melodious breath; forgetting the rate of release and just relax.  Let’s selfishly take care of ourselves whether through a hot steamy shower with a soap made with “a whole lotta love”, or an hour in the tub with a luxurious bath bomb filled with aromatic scents and herbs, and just ponder on thoughts that will help us gain the strength to stand up for our own selves.


Namaste – “The Divine in me bows to the Divine in you”


Author: Sharon Corcoran, May 2018


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